Urban Luggage Product care

  • Never leave the zipper pulls at the corner of a suitcase/luggage.Instead,try leaving them in the middle of the case.
  • Avoid dragging the luggage up or down stairs,this add more pressure on the handle system and wheels.
  • Always close the lock- Open locks could be a threat and cause damage to your luggage.
  • If you were overload your suitcase,it is good idea to use a suitcase belt. Too much pressure can sometimes cause your suitcase to open by itself.
  • Make sure you keep a copy of the number of your combination lock on any luggage case you own.
  • Avoid packing sharp items inside your luggage to prevent future lining damages.

Luggage Purchasing Tips

  • Whels- Wide track wheels are best recomended-they have a long system and recessed into the actual frame on the bag.
  • Fabric- Solid materials such as nylon and polyesters will hold up better than the majority of the blends.
  • Frames- Look for sturdy frames with metal band support-like Urbans Expandable and Hard Case Luggage.
  • Pull Handles- Handles made from aluminum are best recomended for its lightweight and sleek appearance.
  • Size- Buy the size that will best suit your needs for future trips as opposed to buying for the particular trip.

Warranty and Repair for Urban Luggage

All Urban products are manufactured with the highest quality of material available. However,sometimes a thorough examination and repair is needed for your Urban Bags to last longer.

  • Urban offers a limited and conditional warranty. The warranty covers SIMPLE material defects or workmanship under normal wear and tear.       
  • However,excessive wear and tear,accidentts or damage incurred form as a result of modifications and repairs done by someone other than Urban Bags.       
  • Customers will reimbursed the incurred cost from the repaired material/s.

Luggage Repair station (Applicable for department Store Purchase)

  • Customer/s must present their valid receipt/proof of purchase and damage item to the outlet where he/she purcahsed the luggage.
  • Customer/s must fill up the CUSTOMER REPAIR SLIP from the brand promodizer. The promodizer will advice the customer when he/she can  claim the repaired item. Usually the repair time alloted is between two-three weeks from the day you send it in reported the damage (depending on the extent of the repair/replacement)
  • Customer can claim his/her repaired item from the department store where he/she purchased the item c/o the brand promodizer or at the Urban Repair Center located at the SMSC Building 2161 Jose Abad Santos Avenue corner Batangas Street,Tondo,Manila.